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The Fund is established to value investors’ financial resources, mainly by providing secured loans and borrowings and by investing in equity companies in the agricultural sector. A significant proportion of the Fund’s investments will be indirect investments in the purchase of agricultural land within the Czech Republic. The Fund’s investments are intended to be long-term. Investments in the Fund are therefore suitable for investors with an investment horizon of at least 5 years.


The core investment strategy of the CIF is to invest in the following assets:

  • interests in legal persons owning agricultural land or agricultural real estate;
  • participations in legal persons whose predominant activity is crop and livestock production;
  • agricultural real estate related to the operation of agricultural activities (crop and livestock production);
  • bonds issued by legal persons owning agricultural land and agricultural real estate or whose predominant activity is crop and livestock production;
  • property rights in agricultural land and agricultural real estate.

The Fund's mission is to make financing more accessible to agricultural entrepreneurs and to generate stable returns for the Fund's investors.

Date of registration in the Commercial Register 2023-12-07

Headquarters Pražákova 1008/69, Štýřice, 639 00 Brno

Subscribed share capital 100 000 CZK

File mark v Brně, oddíl B, vložka 8902

ID 199 98 503

Basic parameters of the fund

Legal form of the Fund company limited by shares with variable share capital (SICAV)

Fund type qualified investor fund

Underlying assets of the fund equities

Issued security Priority Investment Shares ISIN CZ0008051687
Performance Investment Shares ISIN CZ0008051695

Public marketability no

Frequency of subscription of investment shares Monthly

Minimum investment 1 mil. CZK, within the Symbion product from 100 000 CZK. CZK

Entry fee up to 3 %

Investment horizon long-term, 5 years

Frequency of repurchases of investment shares monthly

Exit fee 0 %

Taxation of fund income 5% of the fund's profits

Taxation of shareholders – natural persons 15% for redemption within 3 years, 0% for redemption after 3 years

Fund manager DELTA investiční společnost a.s.

Fund Administrator DELTA investiční společnost a.s.

Depository of the Fund CYRRUS, a.s.

Auditor of the Fund AUDIT ONE s.r.o.